US commitment to help Taiwan’s self-defense is ‘rock solid’, de-facto ambassador claims, despite Beijing’s warning to stop contact

The US remains committed to help Taiwan defend itself, Washington’s de-facto ambassador to the island has said, a day after China called on the Americans to refrain from any military contact with Taipei.

“The United States has a commitment to help Taiwan provide for its self-defense, and that’s part of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA). It’s a commitment we take very seriously,”Sandra Oudkirk was the American Institute’s new director in Taiwan. She spoke at her first press conference as such on Friday.

Oudkirk added that the US commitment to Taipei’s security is “rock solid,”Washington has been noted as engaging regularly with these partners “to assess ways we can support Taiwan in mounting its own self-defence.”She believes this has led to security and stability. “not just across the Taiwan Strait, but throughout the Indo-Pacific over the past several decades.” also available
Taiwanese leader has ‘faith’ US will defend them from China, says some American troops are on island

US President Joe Biden, speaking via video link at the East Asia Summit this week, expressed concern over China’s “coercive and proactive”He described actions taken in Taiwan Strait as threatening regional peace and stability. This was just days after he stated that the US would protect Taiwan against an attack by China. However, the White House swiftly said that there would not be any change to its policy.

Recently tensions between China and America have increased. After Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, confirmed that a small number of American troops were stationed on the island, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson warned the US against any military contact with Taipei and “interference in China’s internal affairs.”

The US has billions of dollars’ worth of defense contacts with Taiwan, which makes it a key supplier of military equipment to the island. China has been annoyed by the US’s informal diplomatic contact with Taipei and the passage of warships through Taiwan Strait. China regards Taiwan as an integral part. In response, China has been sending military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, and has held massive beach drills directly across the strait from the island.

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