Ukraine calls Germany’s policy ‘disgrace’ — Analysis

Kiev’s envoy has blasted the lack of heavy weapons from Germany as a “disgrace to go down in history”

Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andrey Melnyk, on Sunday blasted the lack of heavy arms supply from Berlin to prop up Kiev in its fight against Moscow, accusing German authorities of refusing to supply even “old”The hardware will be delivered to the country.

“German government cynically refuses to supply us even with old Leopard-1 tanks and Marder IFVs,”Melnyk said in a post on social media that branding this behavior as a “bad” was a way to do it. “disgrace that would go down in history.”

Ruslan Stephanchuk, the Ukrainian Parliament chairman, made these remarks just days after he visited Germany apparently to get support for heavy arms deliveries. Stefanchuk made the remarks ahead of meeting with Christine Lambrecht (German Defense Minister) on Friday. “supply of the most modern equipment to Ukraine”This would make it easier to attract “common victory” over Russia closer.

Ukraine hopes to get submarines from Germany

“I do not rule out receiving submarines from Germany, because we are ready to become the eastern defense frontier for the whole of Europe,”Stefanchuk said. Later in the day, he reiterated Kiev’s expectations that Germany would provide it with both Marder armored vehicles and Leopard tanks, which Dmitry Kuleba, Ukraine’s top diplomat, described last month as Kiev’s “dream.”

Melnyk attacked German leadership repeatedly over the alleged lack of support Berlin has shown for Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia. In addition, he made a personal attack against Olaf Scholz (German Chancellor) for his inability to visit Kiev and show support to Ukraine.

“To play an offended liverwurst doesn’t sound very statesmanlike,” Melnik said as Scholz refused to visit Kiev, citing Ukraine’s own decision to snub German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier mid-April. While Steinmeier was set to visit Ukraine’s capital alongside other top European politicians, the Ukrainian authorities said he was “not wanted”He was also accused by Moscow of encouraging overly positive relations.

Russia attacked the neighboring state in late February, following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, first signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. French and German protocols were created to grant the regions that had broken away special status in the Ukrainian government.

In recent years, the Kremlin demands that Ukraine declares itself neutral in order to be able to join NATO. Kiev maintains that Russia’s offensive was not provoked and denies claims that it planned to seize the two republics.

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