UK PM survives no-confidence motion — Analysis

Tory MPs voted for Boris Johnson to remain their party leader. This defeats internal discord.

Tory MPs decided Monday that Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, would remain as leader of the Conservative Party. His position was in jeopardy following the “Partygate” scandal, which saw the prime minister face criticism from within the party and among the general public.

The party released Monday night that out of 359 votes cast, 211 MPPs voted for Johnson and 148 voted against him.

The vote was called earlier in the day by Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the Tories’ 1922 Committee. The procedure was triggered by at least 54 Conservative MPs, who sent letters to Brady expressing their lack of confidence in Johnson’s ability to lead the party.

According to current regulations, Johnson can’t be given another confidence vote for at most one year. Brady however acknowledged that the rules may be modified in theory.

Downing Street previously stated that it anticipated the vote to “end months of speculation and allow the government to draw a line and move on”After the Partygate scandal.

Sue Gray’s full report on the investigation of Downing Street events during the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath was published to the general public in two weeks. Document that was damning “the senior leadership”For creating a culture where law-breaking was encouraged, which enabled parties to take place despite the restrictions of the government. A shortened version of this report was published January to fuel anti-Johnson sentiment among British Tories and others.

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