US embassy in Yemen raided, staffers held ‘hostage’ — RT World News

Houthi rebels have reportedly invaded the defunct US embassy in Yemen’s capital and seized documents and equipment. Three local Americans were also taken into custody, along with 22 other security staff.

On Wednesday, a group of Houthis broke into the US compound and took control. “large quantities of equipment and materials,”Al-Masdar News reported that the raid took place. It comes nearly a week after the US allegedly raided three Yemeni nationals. “kidnapped” from a private home in Sana’a. In recent weeks, 22 other Yemenis were also detained, the majority of them working as security guards for the US Embassy complex.

The Houthis were described by the US and Saudi Arabia as “a terrorist organization.” “Iranian-backed.”In 2014, the Shia militia overthrew the Saudi president and is fighting the Saudi-led invasion in Yemen.

Citing an unnamed source, Al-Masdar reported that the three staffers seized on November 5 were the embassy’s economic officer Jameel Ismail, USAID employee Hisham Al-Wazir, and US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) coordinator Abdul Mueen Azan.

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On Thursday, a spokesperson for the State Department told reporters that the US is “concerned about the breach of the compound that had been used by our Embassy”Before the US shut it down in 2015.

“We call on the Houthis to immediately vacate it and return all seized property,” they added.

Foggy Bottom can also be called “for” “immediate release”Yemeni citizens held by Houthis. This could refer to the three men detained last week and those who were captured earlier.

“We’ve seen some progress and we’re continuing to work this critical issue. The majority of those who have been detained are no longer in custody,”Ned Price, the State Department spokesperson, said Tuesday to reporters that they were “committed to ensuring the safety of those who serve the US government overseas.”

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