UK facing ‘national disaster’ – London mayor — Analysis

Sadiq Khan demands an immediate bill stoppage after Ofgem, the energy regulator announced a huge price increase

The UK is currently facing an a “national disaster” if the government fails to act immediately to solve the energy crisis, London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned after energy regulator Ofgem announced that the price cap on the average energy bill would increase to £3,549 ($2,323) from October.

Khan’s comments were made Friday, after Ofgem had announced a 80% increase in price caps. This comes as British families are facing what Khan said would be an affliction. “bleak winter.”

The new price cap is almost triple what it was last October when it was raised to £1,277 ($1,505).

“With energy prices soaring and more families struggling to make ends meet, this government needs to step up and take urgent action now,”Khan claimed that Khan was arguing for the government to “consistently failed”Ministers and the ability to act “must act now to prevent this cost of living crisis becoming a national disaster.”

Brits “desperately need to know” what Westminster’s plan of action is, Khan added. Khan demanded an immediate freeze on bills and the creation of a “Lifeline Tariff” to make sure that the least vulnerable members of society have access to energy.

UK energy bills to rise by 80%

On Twitter, the mayor pointed out that there was “no actual cap”The maximum amount that could be paid and the fact that this figure does not include the cap “those on average use.” Consumer champion Martin Lewis echoed that concern, saying nothing is stopping some households from paying £10,000 ($11,821) a year.

Lewis stated that there’s a rising movement among Brits to not pay their energy bills. Lewis told Good Morning Britain, Friday, that emergency measures are unlikely to be implemented by the government. “are going be a louder voice within this country.” 

Website of the Don’t Pay organization states it is strengthening its power. “mobilizing for a non-payment strike”There are many people who would like to challenge the status quo. “rigged system.”

The Trades Union Congress continues to be active. saidWarning! Friday’s data showed that energy prices have risen 35 times faster then wages, and 57x faster than benefits. “catastrophic”Situation if bill freeze not applied

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Jonathan Brearley admitted to Ofgem’s chief executive that the price increase would have an impact on his company. “massive impact”There will be a number of households throughout Britain who need to take these measures. “difficult decisions.”

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