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AA Japanese musician living in Los Angeles spends most of his time there, so I get news on guns almost every day. I never thought I’d hear this kind of news in Japan. However, the assassination and murder of our former prime Minister has changed everything.

Shinzo Abe was not someone I met through politics, but music. We also worked together in Japan to increase tourism. Even though I’m not a political person, I have met many government leaders across the political spectrum during my career. I have had my music used for political campaigns. For the 10th anniversary, Emperor Akihito asked me to write a piano concerto. I performed the same piece at the end.

Prime Minister Abe, Yoshiki

Courtesy Yoshiki

Abesan was exceptional. Abe-san was intelligent and clever. He exuded optimism and confidence about Japan’s place in the global community. I also found him to be kind and polite. No matter what the situation, he always smiled and kept his head high. His smile made people around him feel at ease and calm. It was not hard to tell why he became the longest-serving Prime Minister in Japan’s history, or why his influence will continue even after his tragic death.

This terrible moment should serve as a stark reminder to the rest of the world.

More love is more important than weapons.

We pray for peace.

He will be remembered in our hearts.

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