UK customers given checks for £2.3 trillion — Analysis

Energy distributor Northern Powergrid sent 74 customers checks for £2.3 trillion – each – last week. This firm issued compensation for thousands of British homes left without power by storm Arwen in November. 

Northern Powergrid confirmed that 74 checks with the incorrect figure had been disseminated and thanked customers who were “honest” about the faux pas.

Gareth Hughes (recipient) took to Twitter to ask if the company was able afford the huge compensation amount shown on her check.  

Hughes was thanked by the supplier for their interest in this matter. 

Hughes said to Sky News: “I knew straight away it wouldn’t be honoured, but it was nice to dream for a couple of minutes.”

The company continues to send out compensation checks for thousands of customers that were affected by power failures during the crisis. “once in a generation”In November, winds were strong across the UK. 

Northern Powergrid spokeswoman confirmed that the company had issued instructions to prevent checks from being cashed after the error was realized. 

“We have been investigating how this error happened and carrying out checks of previous payments. It appears that it was an isolated event.” she added.

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