Israel declares US ‘no-go’ zone for travelers — Analysis

Israel has added the US to its “no fly” list, prohibiting citizens from visiting the country without special permission, citing efforts to slow the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant of Covid-19.

The office of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced Monday that America would be added on to Israel’s red list, exclusioning America from Israelis. 

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According to the statement, the decision was made following a cabinet meeting on Sunday. It will take effect on Tuesday at 10 o’clock GMT. Individuals who need permission to travel must apply for special authorization.

Fears about Covid-19 in the Omicron version mean that Israelis can’t travel to more than 50 countries.

Following recommendations by the Ministry of Health, the United States of America, Italy, Belgium and Germany, Hungary as well as Canada, Switzerland, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, and Canada were added to the no fly list on Monday.

Bennett stated that Israel had, through its strict border restrictions, bought enough time to be prepared for the new virus in a Sunday televised speech. He did predict a rise in infections over the next few weeks.

Israel currently has 134 Omicron confirmed cases and 307 Omicron suspected cases. According to the Health Ministry, 167 cases were diagnosed as symptomatic. 

Omicron is causing a new wave of infections in countries like the UK, where vaccine levels are high.



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