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How does it feel to hear 1-2-3 quick steps to fulfill your tasks office or school? Your document can be completed and handled timely, as simple as 1-2-3. You can be more productive using the correct tool that is very useful. One of the essential and prevalent types of files used worldwide is PDF files. It is possible to transform documents into another format. For viewable files, it is easy to use either on mobile or desktop computers. Awesome, right?

A PDF file is familiar to everyone. It will enable you to format the file in the most convenient way. Today, we are offering you a free PDF reader that you can use and will guarantee the safety of your documents. The PDFBear online tool is safe and accessible to everyone.

1-2-3 Steps 

PDFBear is a new online PDF converter, available for a free trial duration of 14 days. During this trial period, you can access all the exclusive functions of PDFBear. To ensure that these functions are beneficial to your needs or organization. PDFBear has 12 applications that are useful for any documentation. For the organization, it is an advantage. As easy as 1-2-3 moves, you can finish your tasks. It is simple to read and perform.

  1. Edit – use the PDFBear Reader from your selected file to pick a file and drag it to our PDF reader. Your PDF document will be in a viewable format and you can also edit it.
  2. Print – you can print your document using a PDF reader. Format your printable documents for various paper sizes.
  3. Share – click “download” to save and share the latest version of the PDF file

Important tool

Having a reliable backup is important. Files must be secured, easy to access, and available. PDFBear offers variables for organizational functions. Having to perform well is a result of the volume of tasks and users. Back then, it was never a simple task to build, convert, and export files. It takes hours to complete these.

To give you an overview of how this PDFBear reader works, here are the lists;

  1. The PDFBear reader is easy to use as 1-2-3 steps.
  2. The PDFBear reader guaranteed the security of your documents. It keeps your file secure while transferring your file.
  3. The PDFBear reader gives you satisfaction on accessibility. By using a computer or your smartphone, you can transfer the file anytime and anywhere.
  4. The PDFBear reader provides the best quality of your work.
  5. Pro membership is available with a PDFBear reader. It also allows you to save to your cloud account for more security and accessibility.

You can use it for a free trial period to check the reliability of its features and uses. The PDFBear reader will help you maximize your records and make your work fast and timely. It offers limitless software for various tasks. You can also have the quickest upload speed for your files or documents. It will grant you full access during the 14-day trial period.

Then, you can get a Pro membership to continue to enjoy the full functions of PDFBear. 


When purchasing a tool, the functions should ensure capabilities. To provide for the growth of the business. It should align with the goal and vision of the company. Being consistent is one of the factors for the productivity of your people. And its financial stability will not compromise.

To ensure the use of PDFBear’s qualification to your needs and your organization. Whether trial or Pro membership, full access and its functions will be available to the user. In these 1-2-3 steps, all of these functions are accessible with unlimited storage, which is the dominant function for keeping your files. It may be an easy step, but it will work for long-term tasks.

Here are the products and services that can be served by this PDFBear: 

1. Unlimited storage of your file 

2. Unlimited storage life of uploaded file

3. Unlimited numbers of OCR task

4. Unlimited task conversation

5. Fastest upload speed

6. All tools included

7. Large file size per task

8. All tools included

9. Number of files per task

10. No advertisement

11. Website security

12. Priority technical / Customer support


Remember that these free online resources are useful to professionals and companies. It confirms the efficiency of the work you have done.  It benefited the staff to function anywhere and includes information stored in one location and maintains a long-term track of success. Many online applications are available, but some are still missing and need further improvement. PDFBear is one of the reliable websites. You can trust your PDF files or documents for security and reliability.

The goal of a PDF document these days is to be shipped anywhere at any time. PDF users, whether for personal or business use, storage of documents is central for all. It allows the company to optimize the time to execute the assignments. It is a valuable instrument that will keep progress to your work. Your document is secure to hold. Never miss the opportunity to try this free PDFBear for personal and business use. Even in times of pandemic, innovation is one key for the organization to thrive. Give this awesome tool a go and you’re sure to maximize all your PDF files. You’ll find all that you need, want, and more for your paperless or digital documents! 



Helen is a multi-published, award-winning author of over 30 books, including the delightful Ivy & Bean series. She has written novels for young adults, including YA romantic comedies, and has written BBC drama.

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