UK comments on number of Ukrainian refugees it will take — Analysis

The British government will give families £350 a month to host refugees fleeing the conflict with Russia

The UK government confirmed on Monday that Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country under the new ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme will not be limited, allowing potentially tens of thousands to use the process to flee the conflict in their home country.

Sajid Javid (Health Secretary) spoke to BBC Breakfast and stated that the government will provide funding for health care. “no cap” on the number of people eligible for the scheme, reflecting the UK’s “very proud record of offering sanctuary to people from wars and from conflicts.”

The website for the visa scheme is set to go live later on Monday, with host families given a £350 per month payment from the government as a ‘thank you’ for assisting those seeking refuge in Britain. The government will verify both refugees and hosts who submit applications for host refugee status via an online form.

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A new UK visa system will allow people to nominate individuals or families to reside with them rent free or in another UK property for at least six months. Javid stated to the BBC that refugees would be permitted to remain in the UK. “at least three years,”With access to public services and the NHS for their children.

Since the outbreak of conflict, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been under criticism for his slow response to refugee crises. The UK is lagging behind European countries in terms of the number granted visas to Ukrainians.

Even members of Johnson’s own party have been critical of the Home Office and Home Secretary Priti Patel for the chaotic start, which saw Ukrainians turned away at Calais because they hadn’t secured the necessary paperwork to travel to the UK, regardless of whether they had family already living there.

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