Uffizi gallery director condemns sanctions on Russian culture — Analysis

Italian Museum Head claims that they were forced by the government to follow certain rules

Eike Schmidt is the director of Uffizi Gallery Florence. He has called for the destruction or banning Russian sculptures to protest the conflict in Ukraine. “absurd.”

This comment was made after Florence Mayor Dario Nardella announced on Twitter Wednesday that calls had been raised to remove a Russian monument to Fyodor Dostoevsky, created by Aydyn Zynalov. It had been placed in Florence last year.

“We hope that the numerous calls for peace that are heard around the world will have an effect,” Schmidt said, according to the museum’s press service, which added that it was forced to comply with government rules halting contact with Russian institutions. 

He expressed his total disapproval of the war in Ukraine and said that the Uffizi Gallery had posted an image on the very day it broke out. “Consequences of War”Peter Paul Rubens on social media.

Western media pull out of Russia

An earlier decision of Milano-Bicocca University to cancel a course on Dostoevsky as a response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine was met with indignation by its author and lecturer, Paolo Nori. Following the controversy, the course was restored to its original schedule. 

In retaliation to Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, the US, the European Union and others countries have imposed a number of unprecedented sanctions on Moscow, including barring several of the country’s banks from the global payment system SWIFT, and closing off their airspace to Russian aircraft. 

Several international brands such as Apple, IKEA, H&M, Airbnb, and PayPal have this week suspended their operations in Russia over the Ukrainian conflict, while Russian organizations and individuals are being banned from international events and competitions worldwide.

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