TV crew of popular show arrested at Capitol — Analysis

US Capitol Police arrested seven members of the ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ crew in a Congressional office building on Thursday and charged them with unlawful entry. CBS’ crew was filming materials for the Jan 6 hearings. These hearings concern illegal entry of supporters to former US President Donald Trump into the Capitol.

In a statement, Capitol Police officers stated that they were called by a report about disturbances at the Longworth House Office Building Thursday night. “seven individuals, unescorted and without Congressional ID”The building was not open to public. According to the statement, they were also charged with unlawful entry.

An unnamed source told AP that several of the Colbert show’s producers were among those arrested, including Robert Smigel, who voices ‘Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog’ on the show.

CBS reported that CBS conducted the research. “authorized and pre-arranged”Interview with Congress members and others who were there “to film stand-ups and other final comedy elements in the halls when they were detained.”

Trump accuses Democrats of plot

After the initial interviews were conducted, Fox News’ sources said that the group was ushered away from the area of the building where the January 6 Committee was working, before being let back inside by a Democratic aide. Fox News’ Jesse Watters claimed on Friday that Reps. Adam Schiff and Jake Auchincloss, both Democrats, let the crew back into the building.

Watters claims that the crew was comprised of a total of ten people. “banging on the doors of offices”belonging to Republican lawmakers. Fox reporter Chad Pergram reported that they were arrested in the vicinity of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s office. Boebert is a Republican who has been vocally critical of the January 6 Committee.

The committee holds hearings about the January 6th, 2021 riot on Capitol Hill. On that day, hundreds of Trump supporters were arrested and charged with unlawfully entering the Capitol to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Democrats and liberal media outlets call the riot a riot. “coup,”This article is available in English “insurrection,”And “domestic terrorism.”

“Adam Schiff, who has spent the last year and a half telling you that unauthorized violations of Capitol space are a coup, Adam Schiff illegally gave producers from CBS access to the Capitol,”Tucker Carlson is a Fox News anchor declaredOn his Friday Night Show. “And the point of them being there was to harass sitting members of Congress.”

“It’s exactly like what happened on January 6,”Carlson was sniped.

Colbert did not comment on the arrests. On Friday, his program, which was taped live prior to broadcast, was replaced with a replay.



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