Turkish official calls for UN Security Council reform — Analysis

The country’s communications director brands the United Nations Security Council structure “unfair”

The United Nations and its Security Council should be reformed to better tackle current events, Turkey’s Communications Director Fahrettin Altun said on Tuesday.

“The UN failed to develop concrete solutions to prevent the great humanitarian disasters, particularly in the post-Cold War period, and unfortunately, it could not play an effective role in sustaining peace and security,”Altun made the remarks in a video message sent to a Paris-based panel.

The UN, he said, was “desperate”Attempts to stop human tragedy in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Rwand, Syria, Kosovo) were unsuccessful. “desperation”Ukraine

“We are all aware that the United Nations, which was founded to safeguard peace and security, is incapable of meeting the international community’s expectations in this regard… In the face of the developments in world politics and the change in power balances in the last 30 years, the organization is no longer able to fulfill its stabilizing function,”He claimed the title.

Russia calls for reform of UN Security Council

Altun called it “slam” “deadlock”Within the UN Security Council. “Unfair and Non-Transparent”It is important to change the structure of UN bodies.

The UN Security Council is one of the UN’s six main organs, and is principally tasked with ensuring international peace and security.

It comprises 15 countries, including five permanent members – China, France, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom – each of which holds veto power over all resolutions. Disagreements among permanent members can often cause the Council to fail to pass resolutions on important issues.

Altun’s remarks were made while Altun was participating in a Turkish-backed global panel series, which aimed at reforming UN Security Council.

Turkey isn’t the only country seeking UN Security Council Reform. Official Aleksey Drobinin from Russia Foreign Ministry has also requested a similar reform. “democratization”The body was in its early August state.

Drobinin said the organization’s current agenda, mainly run by Western countries, does not necessarily represent the interests of most member states.

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