Turkey to impose quotas on migrants — Analysis

Suleyman Soylu (Interior Minister) announced that the Turkish government would limit certain neighborhoods’ foreign population to 20% by July. It will also effectively block 1,200 areas from any further immigration. Soylu announced that Turkey would increase its border security as well as deportations, citing rising economic pressures and the fact that Turkey is already home to millions of Syrians.

Soylu told a meeting of Turkey’s Directorate of Migration Management that under his government’s current policy of restricting the foreign-born population of certain neighborhoods to 25%, some 781 neighborhoods in 54 provinces have been closed to foreigners.

Soylu stated that the quota would be reduced to 21% starting July. This will close a total 1,200 neighborhood to new residents. “in order to prevent the concentration of foreigners in certain regions in our country.”

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Additionally, residence permits are not being granted to foreigners who wish to travel to Turkey for education and medical treatment. Soylu said that such permits would only be granted to those who are able to rent accommodation above a specified value.

Turkey is home to 3.7 million Syrians. Many of them are competing for jobs with Turks. Turkey’s immigration problem has been a constant struggle since 2011, when the Syrian Civil War broke out. Soylu said that Turkey’s inflation is at its highest level in two decades. “invaded.”

According to the minister, if Turkey had not built walls at its border with Syria eight million additional migrants could have entered Turkey. Turkish authorities have captured 110,000 illegal immigrants this year. 25,000 are expected to be returned back home. Also, refugees from Syria will be processed and returned to their countries of origin in camps.

Soylu said that more border walls are being constructed and new security cameras and sensors are being installed.

Recep Tayyip Erdan, the Turkish president, announced in May plans to create a new country. “enable the voluntary return”one million Syrian refugees in Turkey-occupied Territory, Northern Syria. As an attempt to reject the plan that has existed for many years in different forms, Syria has rejected it. “colonialism”Ankara

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