Turkey says US must repay it for ‘unfair’ expulsion from $1.4bn F-35 jet deal or offer other hardware in return — RT World News

Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Turkish foreign minister has stated that the US should deliver more than 100 F-35 fighter planes to Ankara or repay the $1.4 billion the country had spent on the program. 

Turkey had ordered Lockheed Martin-manufactured fighters before it was expelled from a multi-national partnership procurement program in 2019. This decision came over Russian S-400 air defence systems. Ankara has called it unfair. However, its defense industry has continued to develop and manufacture some of the aircraft’s key components.

Cavusoglu stated that Turkey has already been incorporated into the television interview on Thursday. “clarified its view”Reaffirmed his support for the S-400 acquisition and stated that it was “unfairly removed”From the program. He then called on Washington to either let it back in or find a way to repay the investment – failing which, he said, the country would “consider other options.”

“Turkey has never been without alternatives… If there’s a crisis, Turkey has the option to turn to other nations. We have alternatives,”CNN Turk heard the minister tell CNN Turk that Russia would be able to purchase Su-35 fighters or Su-57 fighters, if the US does not resolve the matter. also available
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Recep Tayyip Erdan, the Turkish president, stated earlier this month that Washington offered Ankara 40 F-16 planes and almost 80 modernization kits to its F-16 fighters as part of an F-35 payment. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said this week that he would make a formal confirmation with President Biden during the COP26 summit on climate change in Glasgow.

Cavusoglu stated to CNN Turk that they were “different lobbies”The issue was actively discussed in the US, and the “attitude”If Congress wanted to agree to a deal, the Biden administration’s leadership was crucial. 

According to reports, 11 Republican and Democratic lawmakers expressed concern about the aforementioned. “profound sense of concern”The Biden administration was informed this week by the possibility of F-16 sales. 

According to Reuters which examined the letter, politicians cited Erdogan’s announcement in September about Turkey. “purchase an additional tranche”Russia’s S-400 missile defense systems. In the letter, it was stated that the US couldn’t “afford to compromise our national security”Selling aircraft to NATO “treaty ally that continues to behave like an adversary.” also available
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Washington previously mentioned the possibility that Moscow could use the S-400 for classified information about the F-35 fighter. They also insist they cannot be used with NATO systems. Turkey, however, has stated repeatedly that they will not integrate the Russian missile system into any other alliance equipment.

The Pentagon stated Wednesday that talks would be held between the countries to solve the F-35 problem. Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Colonel Anton T. Semelroth said that top defense officials of both countries met on Wednesday. “dispute resolution discussions”Tuesday, Wednesday in Ankara

Semelroth was the one who claimed it. “productive” discussions demonstrated US “commitment”You can find more information here “conclude respectfully” Turkey’s involvement in the F-35 program. 

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