Tumblr hits users with new censorship rules — Analysis

The social networking site has updated its list of censored tags, now barring words such as ‘girl’ and ‘single dad’

Tumblr’s most recent update to the iOS app was released Tuesday. Tumblr has taken out a lot of what seemed to be harmless words to adhere to Apple’s stringent safety guidelines.

It is believed that the expanded list includes censored tags to shield users against sensitive content while searching on the platform and when viewing its contents. ‘Stuff for You’ ‘Following’ sections.

Tumblr now makes it less likely that posts with tags are censored appear in search results. Users will also see a notice that suggests that the post may have been removed. “This content has been hidden.”

The following words and phrases were recently removed from the internet: ‘girl’, ‘sad’, ‘single dad’, ‘single mom’, ‘testicular cancer’, ‘me’, ‘my face’,The Verge cites some other lists, among them.

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Tumblr defends the blacklist terms and claims that it took only the necessary steps to ensure the network wouldn’t be harmed. “remain available within Apple’s App Store”To and from “comply with their guidelines.”

Tumblr stated that it’s working to improve user experience. “additional features for a less restricted iOS app experience,”But it did not give any timeframe for their release.

The list of restricted terms marks the latest move by Tumblr to address concerns Apple has about content on the company’s social networking site. Earlier concerns from Apple saw Tumblr ban all adult content from the platform, marking a significant reversal from the company’s previous position on allowing sexual posts.

Apple has not yet publicly commented on the situation following Tumblr’s update.

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