Try These Four Items When Dressing Up With Louis Vuitton And The RealReal This Fall

Any lady who wants to look great during the fall season must know what is trending. Plus, ladies need to know what color options are available, how they can accessorize their outfits, and how they can find a bag that is worthy of their personal style. If you have an established personal style, you can add these trends to what you already wear. Plus, you need to build up your fall wardrobe because this is truly the longest season of the year. Most of these clothes can be repurposed for winter, and you even need some fall clothes for those cold days in early spring. Shopping for fall is so important that each of the four options below will stay with you for a long time.

The Duffel-Style Bag

When you are shopping for handbags, you need to consider how many things you will carry during the fall season. A duffel-style bag from The RealReal will give you Louis Vuitton style in a large package. These bags are meant to carry everything you need for a long weekend. However, you can carry them every day if you want to keep a change of clothes with you, carry a big wallet, and even bring items along for the kids. This is the most stylish big bag you could carry.

A Denim Scarf

Denim scarves are a trend for the fall that you must try for yourself. You might find that something like wool is too heavy, or you might not like to be tickled by a wall scarf that is close to your face. You can get the logo pattern on a denim scarf that is heavy enough to keep you comfortable while no weighing you down too much. Plus, the denim scarf is a sneaky item that does not seem to be denim at all. These scarves look as though they are a light and flowing fabric until you touch them. Wearing these scarves is much more fun than being up to your nose in heavy wool or cashmere.

Driving Shoes

Driving shoes are a wonderful style item for the fall. This is the perfect thing to wear when you are planning to drive up to the mountains and see the leaves change color. The driving shoes you get could have the small rubber nubs on the bottom that look a bit more casual, or you could get driving shoes that have a slightly heavier rubber outsole. Plus, you can wear these driving shoes to casual Friday at work, on a casual date, or when you go shopping. They are truly an all-purpose shoe.

Formal Flats

Formal flats are a great option for the office because they allow you to add structure to your outfits without wearing boots or heels. The heel on these flats will be just tall enough to make you feel powerful, and they typically have a leather heel that will click just like your pumps would. Plus, you can get the formal flats in any color you need. Some of the shoes are made with a satin finish, and other flats have a leather upper that will look like a traditional work shoe.


When you are shopping with Louis Vuitton and The RealReal, you will find all these items and so much more. Your wardrobe for the fall will improve instantly, and you will feel as though you look perfect every time you leave the house. You are making a good impression on the people around you, and you will get compliments because you are wearing stylish clothes this fall, carrying nice bags, and wearing a fun scarf.

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