New Chiropractic Technology for Back Pain Relief

There are many causes of back pain. Some of the most common include muscle or ligament strains, arthritis, bulging and ruptured discs, skeletal irregularities, and osteoporosis. 

And while there are many causes of back pain, it seems there aren’t that many effective treatments. For years, men and women have stretched, cracked, taken pills and even had surgery. While some have received the relief they were looking for, many continue to suffer. 

Recently, the medical industry introduced new chiropractic technology for back pain relief. Read on to find out more about these treatments. 

New Chiropractic Technology Developed by NASA

One of the new breakthroughs in chiropractic technology includes a treatment called the Sigma Ultralign. The treatment starts with a scan. A sensor that was originally used to measure rivets in space crafts to identify issues has been adapted to find problem areas in the human body. 

Once the device detects the problem, computer software is used to determine the rate of percussion and apply a repetitive tap. This gentle and effective procedure is gaining popularity among back pain patients. 

Interventional Radiology in the Treatment of Back Pain

In 2017, at the Radiological Society of America’s annual meeting, a study was presented showing how a minimally invasive interventional radiology procedure was effective in treating back pain. In this procedure computed tomography imaging is used to find the source of pain. A probe is then inserted through a needle tip to deliver pulsed radiofrequency energy to the area for 10 minutes. The pulsation minimizes herniation. 

Treating Back Pain Naturally

Although both of these treatments are minimally invasive, it is best to try natural remedies before resorting to any type of medical procedure. Things like meditation, gentle stretching, drinking anti-inflammatory drinks, relaxing in a warm bath, and working on improving your posture can all be effective in relieving back pain. 

There are also several homeopathic pain relief supplements you can take to temporarily relieve back pain. Here are a few we recommend. 

Terry Naturally’s Curamin Low Back Pain: The Terry Naturally company is known for providing some of the best all natural supplements on the market.  Their Curamin Low Back Pain product contains active ingredients like curcumin, a known natural pain reliever, as well as botanicals that are effective in minimizing pain and stimulating feelings of wellness throughout the body. The product is vegan, non-GMO and free of anything artificial. 

BHI’s Back Pain Relief Tablets: BHI provides a wide range of homeopathic supplements designed to treat a variety of health issues. Their Back Pain Relief Tablets are designed to minimize pain in the back, leg, and hip area while providing temporary relief for muscle spasms. The medication is an effective treatment that does not come with any of the unpleasant side effects that are associated with many prescription analgesics. 

Suffering with back pain is no fun. Fortunately, new chiropractic technology and natural treatments can provide relief. Which route will you be taking to improve your wellbeing?

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