Trump voters favor secession for their state – poll

Backers of the former president believe they’d be “better off” if GOP-led states split from the US, a Yahoo/YouGov survey has shown

Many residents of Republican-controlled states who voted for then-President Donald Trump in 2020 believe they would be “better off”A new poll revealed that the US would be their second home if they secede from it.

About 33% of Trump voters in so-called red states say they’d personally fare better if their state “became an independent country,”According to a Yahoo/YouGov survey released Friday. That compared with 29% who believe they’d be “worse off” after secession. The 38% remaining are unsure of their future or don’t see how they will fare. “about the same”A newly independent country.

When Americans were asked about how the state would do after secession, their margins were similar. 35% thought it would be better off and 30% said it would be worse.

This poll is the latest example of growing political polarization in America and increasing cultural division. Half of Americans believe there will be another US civil war in their lifetime and that the country will cease to be a democracy at some point, an earlier Yahoo/YouGov poll showed in June.

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Record low rating for Biden

The divide grew even deeper with last month’s US Supreme Court ruling that abortion isn’t a protected constitutional right, leaving the hotly contested issue for state lawmakers to decide. Half of the states that have banned abortion are likely to do so in the coming weeks.

Nearly 92% of Trump red state voters believe that their state government is more trustworthy than the federal government. “what’s best,”The latest poll revealed. The latest poll found that eight in ten blue-state residents who voted to President Joe Biden in 2020 trust more their state government than Washington.

Only 15% believe that the US is a good country. “generally headed in the right direction,” compared with 72% who say it’s “off on the wrong track,”According to the poll. Just 27% believe that Biden is trustworthy. “up to the challenges facing the US,” versus 56% who say he isn’t.

The future outlook for Americans is also grim. 46% of Americans predict that the next generation will not be as bright. “worse off”Only 25% of respondents said it would be “better off.” Similarly, 37% of voters believe America’s best days are “behind us,”31% say these days are better than those who claim they have. “still to come.”

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Biden and Trump cannot be viewed as the solutions. Only 28% believe Trump should run again for President in 2024. While 18% feel that Biden should seek reelection,




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