$31 million seized after Europe and US detain 150 suspects in joint investigation into darknet trading of drugs and weapons — RT World News

An international investigation by the authorities in Europe and the United States has seen police detain at least 150 people and seize €26.7 million ($31 million) in a raid on darknet users.

Jean-Philippe Lecouffe spoke to KRO-NCRV about his deputy executive director for operations at Europol. He stated that any criminals using the dark web will be captured. “even if they think they are hiding somewhere.”
According to reports, 65 Americans, 47 Germans and 24 Brits were detained during raids that targeted the Netherlands and France. “high-value targets.” The authorities recovered €26.7 million-worth of cash and cryptocurrency, as well as 234kg (516lb) of drugs.

Operation Targeted individuals suspected of being involved in darknet online e-commerce sites that allow sellers and buyers to transact anonymously, making them attractive for illicit trade.

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Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Italy launched Europe-wide raids at 46 properties as part of a tax fraud investigation into the Italian Mafia.

A global sweep of police operations has been launched months after DarkMarket was shut down. German prosecutors claim that DarkMarket was being the victim of a sabotage. “largest illegal marketplace on the darknet,”The operator was arrested. The site had allegedly been involved in the sale of counterfeit currency, stolen credit card information, drugs, malware and more, with more than half a million users having used it to trade cryptocurrencies valued at €140 million ($162.7 million).

However, it is still unknown what charges will be brought against the arrested. Europol will host a press conference with the US Department of Justice in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, February 2nd at 10 am GMT.

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