Trump meets Hungarian friend — Analysis

A former US President praised PM Viktor Orban’s deep understanding of international affairs

Donald Trump was the US’s former president and welcomed Hungarian Prime Minister at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf resort. “many interesting topics,”Victor Orban, a politician who is anti-immigration in his rhetoric, faces another scandal.

In a Tuesday post on Truth Social, Trump said the conversation with his “friend”Orban is a fascinating example of this. “few people know as much about what is going on in the world today.”

Trump, who in January endorsed Orban’s candidacy ahead of the Hungarian election, also said that they used the meeting to celebrate the politician’s “great electoral victory.” 

Orban is known for his harsh policies towards illegal migrants and was re-elected for the fourth time in April. Trump was a fan of Orban at the time. “doing a powerful and wonderful job in protecting Hungary, stopping illegal immigration”Creating and maintaining jobs.

Hungary also paid Trump many compliments. Peter Szijjarto (Foreign Minister) was there with Trump during his trip. “Hungarian-American political relations were at their peak when Donald Trump was the president of the United States.”

“Hope our relationship will remain at the same height!”He said.

Trump and Orban met ahead of Texas’ Conservative Political Action Conference, (CPAC), in which both politicians are scheduled to speak.

Hungary warns of shift in world order

Orban triggered wide-spread criticism last week, after saying in a speech that Hungarians “don’t want to be a mixed race”Oder a “multiethnic”People that would like to mix with “non-Europeans.” He also lashed out against the “flooding”Europe and non-European immigrants

The prime minister’s rant prompted his longterm adviser Zsuzsa Hegedus to resign, calling the speech “a pure Nazi text worthy of Goebbels.”However, she decided to resign a few days later claiming that her prime minister had persuaded her to support anti-racism.

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