US helps Israel to prepare for military ‘escalation’ — Analysis

The military exercises simulated renewed unrest along Israel’s northern border amid a territorial dispute with Lebanon

Haaretz reported Wednesday that Israel and the United States conducted joint military drills to coordinate intelligence, logistics, air defenses and air defenses in case of fighting with the armed groups in south Lebanon. 

Exercises were held over the week by US Central Command and Israeli Defense Forces. They were overseen jointly by US Central Command and Israeli Defense Forces. “a military escalation on Israel’s northern front,” according to the outlet.

CENTCOM, IDF and others had a few scenarios in mind, but they did not talk about the possibility of CENTCOM. “active US involvement”Israeli strikes against Hezbollah have resulted in the killing of Hezbollah’s militant group and political organisation based in south Lebanon. They clashed with Israeli forces on numerous occasions since their founding in 1980.

Lebanon issues warning to Israel

This week’s drill nonetheless focused on the potential for fighting in Israel’s north, as well as how to respond to “Iranian involvement alongside Hezbollah in Lebanon,” Haaretz added.

While US military ties were once coordinated under European Command (EUCOM), this responsibility was transferred to CENTCOM in September. This has led to increased cooperation, as well as the most recent round of exercises. EUCOM has not held similar drills in several years. They have remained focused on the defense systems.

The IDF announced previously that it will conduct drills along the border to Lebanon last week. However, the announcement did not mention American participation at that time. 

Israel warned Iran may ‘attack directly’

This military activity is occurring amid growing tensions between Israel and Lebanon over territorial claims to the Mediterranean. Michel Aoun of the Lebanese presidency warned this month that any attempts to exploit the offshore resources without first resolving their dispute would be considered a violation of international law. “provocation,”According to Israeli media, the IDF may attack drilling stations near the waters contested.

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