Trump claims Americans ‘should be scared’ of nuclear war with Russia — Analysis

Speaking on the Full Send Podcast, released on Wednesday, former US President Donald Trump addressed his fears about the potentially escalating situation in Ukraine, as NATO, backed by the United States, offered its support amid Russia’s ongoing conflict with its neighbor.

Trump responded to a question on whether this situation would spiral into nuclear war and hit out at Joe Biden. “should be scared because we have incompetent people heading up our country.”

When the host asked him whether the threat was real, he replied that it was. “immediate,”Trump said that Trump’s argument was correct. “serious,” and condemned the current administration’s claim that it didn’t want to fight Russia because it was a nuclear power as “weakness.”

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Trump admitted that Russia was indeed an nuclear power. However, he reminded the audience that America had nuclear capability that could stop Moscow from attacking. He admitted, however that Russia was a nuclear power. “a chance”Due to the current tensions there will be a worldwide war.

The former president’s comments follow an appearance on the Republican National Committee’s ‘Real America’ YouTube show, where he argued that Biden was being “pushed around” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and said he didn’t think the US had “ever been at a lower point than it is right now.”

According to the Federation of American Scientists, 5,428 US nuclear weapons are in reserve and have been retired. The FAS estimated that Russia held 5,977 nuclear weapons, which is more than America’s.

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