Truck accident prevention tips – How to stay away from catastrophic collisions

Trying to maintain the safety of your drivers on road is not just important for their well-being and good health but their safety also impacts the other motorists on the road and your bottom line. According to the Department of Labor, DOL,  tracking is one of the most precarious occupations in the United States of America. They are of the opinion that logistics fleets and transportation have the highest number of facilities and injuries on the job and these numbers have been gaining momentum every year. 

Having said that,  it is important to understand the methods by which you can prevent truck accidents and maintain the safety of truck drivers. Improving their safety will not only increase their protection but also reduce the expenses related to accidents like claim payouts and sudden rises in insurance premiums. Let’s take a look at the few ways in which you can prevent truck accidents. 

  • Make your truckers practice defensive driving 

Defensive driving is a type of driving that motivates truckers to continuously be on the lookout for possible accidents and changes in road and driving conditions. Through defensive driving, you can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by predicting dangerous situations and making well-informed decisions. By utilizing defensive driving techniques, drivers are less likely to be involved in accidents and hence you have to worry less about claim payouts, expensive repairs, and increase in insurance premiums. 

  • Develop a plan for preventive maintenance

As long as the safety of the drivers is concerned,  it starts with the safety of the vehicles they are driving. Tractor trailers and trucks that are not equipped with regular maintenance like brake pads and oil changes are more likely to break down suddenly on road. You can install telematics devices like Samsara’s Vehicle Gateway (VGs)  as they offer real-time visibility into engine data,  odometer, and will also alert you about fault codes. Whenever you consult with an Orange County truck accident lawyer,  he will also advise you to maintain your vehicle in order to reduce the likelihood of accidents. 

  • Train your truck drivers to avoid distractions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Has been of the opinion that distracted driving is one of the primary causes of truck accidents. Distracted driving can include anything that makes a dry work take his eyes off the road or his hands off the driving wheel. Distractions may range from eating while driving or steering at a Billboard while driving and the most common form of distraction is using cell phones or texting while driving

  • Drivers should take proper breaks and rest

Under the regulations of drivers,  they are required to take certain breaks before they start driving. As per HOS truck driver limits,  all drivers must take a 30-minute break after driving for 8 hours and a 10 to 11-hour break before coming back on duty.

So,  once you start following the above-listed precautionary measures,  you can definitely reduce the chances of catastrophic truck accidents. Reduction of the odds is so important as it can be difficult to avoid accidents totally. Even when you are taking all of the precautions you need to stay focused on the road.

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