Saving for College

Education is key to the modern life of human beings. The modern system goes with stages, and as students grow, they keep on ascending the ladder of education. The dream of many students who are at the high school level is to pass their exams and join campus. It is after joining campus where they will pursue their careers and shape their future precisely. However, most of these high schoolers do not have an idea of what campus life is like. Alexander Djerassi advises high schoolers to save early on before joining campus. Here are some of the reasons why he advocates for saving among high schoolers.

High Tuition Fees

Tuition fees on campus are not the same as that of high school. If someone gets an opportunity to get a scholarship when joining campus, then they will have gotten relief. If the situation is vice versa, they will have a hard time paying their tuition fees on time, especially when they come from a humble background. Instead of spending on clothes and the latest designers, save the little currently possessed for education. Be goal-oriented and don’t be driven by peers because people know their background well.

Become Independent

When students join campus, they stay distant from their parents, and they become their own caretaker. Parents will give young adults funds that will help them during their stay at college. Therefore, the management of funds is in their hands. If a student becomes a spendthrift and extravagant, the money will run out after a few days. This is where the aspect of saving comes in. If they have saved for themselves previously, life at campus becomes smooth. Students will not face huge financial crises even when their guardians have failed to give them some cash because of one reason or another.

Avoid Loans

The biggest problem that is facing many people in the United States is college loans. Most people took loans while at college after completing school; the loan board requires them to repay the loan. Therefore, they will lag in terms of development because the amount of money they could have used in a certain project is being used to pay their loans. Alexander Djerassi advises young people to start saving as early as possible so that when they join universities, they are financially stable

Start Your Small Business

The institutions of higher learning are the perfect examples of life on the grounds. At these institutions, students will meet people of different ethnic groups. Their minds should start developing exponentially while at the campus. If they have saved before joining campus, it is easier for them to start a small business that will keep them going. The small business they can start while at the campus can grow to be a great business empire beyond their thoughts. All young people understand that any business start-up needs capital. There is nowhere they will get capital while at high school except their savings.


Young people should start thinking of the future and not the present. Make use of the present life to shape the future.


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