White House doctor explains Biden’s ‘deep voice’ — Analysis

The US president’s symptoms are easing, except for a persistent sore throat, after three full days of treatment

As his bodyaches, cough and other symptoms worsened, President Joe Biden has made strides towards overcoming his Covid-19 infection. “diminished considerably” after three full days of treatment with the Paxlovid antiviral drug, White House Dr. Kevin O’Connor reported.

The president’s main symptom currently is a lingering sore throat, O’Connor said in a statement on Sunday, adding, “This is most likely a result of lymphoid activation as his body clears the virus and is thus encouraging.”

Biden was positive for Covid-19, even though he had been completely vaccinated and received two booster shots. On Sunday, Dr. Ashish Jaha, White House Covid-19 coordinator, confirmed that Biden had contracted the BA.5 virus. It is currently the most prevalent strain in America.

Biden hasn’t been seen publicly since Friday, when he participated in a remote meeting with his economic advisors. He coughed repeatedly, and the president at 79 was unable to stop him from interrupting his comments. The president began his remarks with a raspy voice. “Let me start by apologizing my voice. I’m feeling much better than I sound.”

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“His voice remains a bit deep,” O’Connor said in Sunday’s statement. “His pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature all remain normal.”

Jha stated that Biden has been doing well, largely due to his full vaccination. The doctor said that none of 17 individuals who had been close to the president at the time of his possible infection, which included White House staff members and members of Congress has been tested for Covid-19.

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