Top Tips for Maintaining Your Clothes

Have you ever wondered about the ways you can use to care for your clothes? Look no further as we have compiled a list of top tips for maintaining your clothes.

1. Clean the Clothes at Low Temperatures

To keep the clothes soft and clean, wash them at low temperature using a natural and gentle laundry detergent. This will also prevent fading; hence, your clothes will last longer. However, some items such as beddings, towels, and underwear might require cleaning at a higher temperature.

2. Use Environmental Friendly Detergents and Powders

Regular detergents may have substances that might affect the environment negatively since they do not biodegrade. Eco-laundry products manufactured from plant-derived ingredients play a huge role in ensuring that your most treasured clothes remain in perfect condition for a more extended period.

3. Always Purchase Quality Clothes

High-quality clothes are made with stronger fabrics; hence, last longer. Such garments can withstand several wear and washes. Even though high cost does not guarantee the quality, it is advisable to invest in a quality wardrobe. Go for natural fabrics like organic linen and cotton.

4. Iron Carefully

When ironing, you use heat to make fabric fibers loosen and flatten them. It is also unfortunate that you might burn or yellow your fabric if you do not iron it properly. Excess heat on some types of cloth might ruin them completely. It is good to ensure that you use an accurate heat level based on the kind of fabric.

5. Avoid Using the Drier Frequently

Driers can result in small micro-tears, which minimize your clothes’ lifespan. Most people avoid purchasing clothes that have the label ‘dry-clean only.’ However, you can wash such clothes on gentle and low-temperature cycles. Dry cleaning is a chemical-intensive process and may have adverse effects on the environment, users’ skin, and textile fibers. It is advisable to go for eco-friendly cleaners that offer ecological cleaning and non-toxic services.

6. Air Dry Your Clothes

Air-dried clothes produce a great and fresh smell. When compared to drying using a tumble drier, air drying is the best choice. Air-dried clothes might not even require ironing. All you have to do is shake out your clothes and get them into a perfect shape; hence, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It also comes with another advantage, which is saving energy.

7. Make Alterations and Repairs

In this era, garments are very affordable; hence, society has less incentive to mend and repair clothes. This is because there are so many fashion trends that customers are trying to keep up with. Instead of purchasing a new cloth because a thread or a button loosened, learn how to fix it using YouTube tutorials. If you are unable to fix it, visit a reliable tailor. You can even buy from trademarks that provide repair services.

8. Store Your Clothes Properly

Storing your clothes properly can greatly lengthen their lifespan. Ensure you keep them in a cool, dry place to protect them against factors that cause damage, such as heat, moisture, and sunlight. Before you store, make sure that your clothes are neat because dirt may attract moths. Also, keep the clothes to have breathing space; this will prevent color loss and wrinkling due to rubbing each other. To prevent them from becoming distorted, use padded or wooden hangers.


Finally, maintaining your clothes will play a significant role in saving you energy and the cost of purchasing new ones. For instance, air drying and ironing only when necessary, dramatically saves energy. Apply the above tips to care for your clothes and to lengthen their lifespan.



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