Top airline punishes overweight employees, former staff claim — Analysis

Former flight attendants claim the “weight police” kept a close eye on their figures

Emirates, a Dubai-based airline, has been praised for its modern aircraft fleet and high standards. Former flight attendants have gone to the media alleging that Emirates forces employees to lose weight. 

Staff weight monitoring apparently came under the ‘Appearance Management Program,’ which is headed up by image officers who ensure Emirates was living up to its “Glamorous” reputation. 

Karla Bayson (36), who had spent nine years at Emirates told Insider that she saw some of her coworkers get weight warnings. She told the outlet that flight attendants were given two weeks to lose the weight before being “Checked” again by monitors. 

Maya Dukaric (another former employee) claimed the “so-called” “weight police”Infrequently, would stop airport cabin crew and say “Hey, babe. You need to slow it down.”

An ex-HR business partner claimed that staff could even be subject to pay cuts if the necessary pounds were not lost. 

It was suggested by them that at least a dozen people should be enrolled. “150 people out of 25,000”Cabin crew members were always on weight monitoring, which added that “a culture of telling on each other to management is prevalent.” 

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After Duygu Karaman (flight attendant) claimed that her job was being watched for three years, after an anonymous coworker complained she was not doing well. “too heavy.”Karaman worked for Emirates 10 years and claims she was placed on the weight-management plan after she exceeded the 2 kg limit. 

“They give you an A4 piece of paper which just said: “Don’t eat rice, don’t eat bread,”Karaman spoke to The Mirror. “It was stuff everybody knows like sleep regularly, which I can’t do because of the job,”Elle added. 

Although she was a 12 inch tall and weighed only about 147lbs, the flight attendant stated that she would be stopped for random weight-ins prior to flights.

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