Saudi women apply to be train drivers en masse — Analysis

After women were permitted to enter the field, more than 28,000 people responded to an advertisement for female Saudi Arabian train drivers. 

Spanish state-owned rail company Renfe said on Wednesday that thousands of Saudi women have applied to drive bullet trains between Islam’s holiest cities of Mecca and Medina in just a month after the ad was posted. Renfe is the operator of a high-speed rail in the Arab country.

These applicants range from the ages of 22-31 years. Nearly 14,000 applicants have successfully passed the initial phase. Renfe prioritized English and education skills. According to the company, drivers will get hired once they have completed a year-long paid training that began around March 15th. 

Saudi women & foreign couples now allowed to rent rooms as kingdom parts with medieval laws

Saudi Arabia granted women the right to drive cars and travel internationally without male guardians in 2018. Last year, Saudi media reported that single, divorced, or widowed women were allowed to live alone without a man’s permission. 

Saudi women still have to live within stricter restrictions than Saudi men. 

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