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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Little kids often give similar answers to that question, before they learn about dozens of other jobs. There are many options. And by the time they get to pick one, there’ll be new jobs—some we can’t even imagine. It’s never too early for kids to explore the career paths that match their unique talents and interests.

TIME for Kids, a brand new digital platform for children aged 8-14 years old, is creating a place for them to learn about a variety of jobs and find out how to make a career of it. It features videos, articles and interactive quizzes. The platform is easy to navigate and supports teachers with standards-aligned resources and parents with other support. The top-quality content showcases dynamic leaders from their respective fields and is as accessible as it is inclusive and relevant.

This Advisory Group job opportunity is open to students ages 8-14, parents/caregivers, and educators.

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You can watch an informative session to find out more about advisory groups. Watch the video by clicking here

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You must sign a consent form to participate in an Advisory Group. You will find this consent form in the recorded informational session. To complete, click here

Notice: The form must be completed by a parent/legal guardian on behalf of any child who is under 18.

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