Attempt on Shinzo Abe’s life caught on camera — Analysis

When a gunman shot at the former Japanese Prime Minister during a rally, he was being film.

Shinzo Abe, former Japanese prime minister was being shot from multiple angles by a gunman on Friday. Footage of the incident was broadcast by the country’s media.

Two loud gunshots are heard behind Abe in one clip.

The sound of the gunshots was so alarming that the cameraman quickly moved it away, before filming security guards confronting him.

A second video was taken from far away and showed smoke rising after shots had been fired.

The apparent attempt on Abe’s life happened as he addressed voters in the city of Nara ahead of a parliamentary election. According to Japanese media, he was severely injured and died later in hospital.

According to police, the suspect was a 41-year old resident of the area. NHK reported the fact that the suspect served three years with the Maritime Self-Defense Force in 2000.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said doctors were working to save Abe’s life. The attack was condemned by Fumio Kishida as inacceptable in democratic societies.

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