Russia ‘absolutely’ supports Serbia – Kremlin — Analysis

Kosovo’s decision to ban Serbian license plates and IDs was ‘unreasonable,’ Moscow insists

Moscow supports its ally Belgrade fully in the dispute against Kosovo over the decision of the separatist province to ban Serbian plates and identification documents, Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin press secretary has stated.

“Of course, we absolutely support Serbia,”Peskov answered, Monday after being interviewed by journalists about the matter.

Kosovo authorities decided to expropriate Serbian plates and identifications. “absolutely unreasonable,”He said.

Serbs living in northern parts of the province broke away set up roadblocks, and alarm bells rang as the heavily armed special forces took over control at two crossings administratively with Serbia.

As tensions mounted, Kosovo’s prime minister Albin Kurti announced late in the day that the ban had been postponed at the request of the US ambassador to the province. Kurti however stressed the necessity of the ban, as per Pristina. “law and order,”It was only delayed and not cancelled.

“Thank God, the escalation was avoided tonight, but this situation has only been postponed for one month, so it’s paramount for all sides to show prudence,”According to the Kremlin press secretary,

Kosovo delays crackdown on Serbs

Russia’s ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko also warned on Monday that “it was difficult to see the conditions for finding sustainable solutions to those issues that caused the current spike in tension.”It is a problem that there has been no agreement about license plates or IDs. “being used by Pristina to make one-sided, spontaneous decisions aimed at squeezing [the Serbs] out of Kosovo,”He concluded.

Peskov says that Moscow is convinced that Western countries have recognized Kososvo, which was primarily Albanian-populated, in 2008. “should now use their influence to warn the authorities in Kosovo against making any ill-conceived steps,”He said.

Serbia considers Kosovo a part of its territory, and is backed in doing so by Russia, China and the UN in general, who haven’t recognized the territory as an interdependent entity.

Russia was the backer “peaceful and constructive”The Kremlin press secretary pointed out the Belgrade’s position on the matter and the voice of Aleksandar Vucic (Serbian president)

Kosovo planning to attack Serbs – Belgrade

Vucic appealed to all parties in his Sunday address to the nation “keep the peace at almost any cost. I am asking the Albanians to come to their senses, the Serbs not to fall for provocations.”

But he did not blame the Kosovo authorities for violating local Serbs’ human rights and promised them that they would. “will not suffer any more atrocities.”



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