Thousands rally against mandatory Covid-19 health pass in Paris & Milan (VIDEOS) — RT World News

On Saturday in two European cities, protests were massive against compulsory coronavirus passes for health. Large crowds took to the streets again to condemn the measures in Paris and Milan.

Many thousand of people marched through Paris in spite of the heavy rains. They carried banners and beat drums while chanting slogans such as: “Health pass, we don’t want it.”

Health pass “smells like a social credit system, we have the impression that we are in a kind of training,” one of the demonstrators told RT’s Ruptly video agency.

The protests included doctors and nurses, who were unable to work as a result of their refusal to receive Covid-19 vaccinations.

“They force us to be vaccinated to continue working. I am employed at the hospital. Currently, I am suspended and without pay since September 6,”Another protester added.

Although there was some police presence, the gathering was relatively peaceful with few incidents.

France’s health pass, which requires proof that you have been vaccinated or passed a positive test to be able to enter restaurants and cinemas, will continue in effect until February.

Italy has stricter rules. Employees in both the public and private sector must have QR codes to be able to access their jobs. On Saturday, a large protestor crowd assembled outside of the Milan Cathedral.

Italian flag-wielding demonstrators and those with cardboard crosses are required to obtain a health card “discrimination.”

To protest media coverage in Italy, they marched along the streets to stop at Rai Italia offices.

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Ruptly cameras caught minor brawls between some protesters and the police in Milan.

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