The Pros and Cons of Laptop Gaming: What you Need to Know

The world of gaming, like anything else, is currently going through a technology transition, and for the first time there are gaming laptops that can match the desktop PC in every department. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of the desktop PC and the gaming laptop, to help you make the right choices.

The Desktop PC

The Pros

Of course, the desktop PC is much larger than a laptop, therefore powerful components can easily be installed, and desktop components are cheaper than their laptop counterparts. If you are looking for the absolutely top performance, a desktop PC would be the way forward, but do remember that a desktop PC is hardly portable, so your gaming would be restricted to a home setting. You can acquire a gaming mouse and keyboard with cool backlighting, for playing in the dark, and with a curved gaming monitor, the set up is complete.

The Cons

A desktop PC is not portable, and your gaming would be restricted to a single setting, likely in a spare room at home that is designed to suit you.

The Gaming Laptop

The Pros

Finally, we have gaming laptops with hi-specs to rival the desktop PC, with several manufacturers who focus on this niche market. Lenovo launched the Legion series, with the Y520, Y740 and later models, and the gaming laptop can obviously be carried and used in any setting, with a long battery life and great sound. Indeed, with Bluetooth headphones, you are ready for gaming at any time and in any setting. If you have children, you will have to decide at what age you introduce them to gaming, and a degree of parental guidance is strongly advised.

The Cons

A top-rated gaming laptop is going to cost around the same as a desktop PC machine, and that is the only disadvantage, if you can call it that. It is only in the last couple of years that laptops have caught up with the desktop PC in terms of computing power, and it is worth considering a gaming laptop, as this offers far more than a static environment you get with a desktop PC.

When looking at gaming laptops, it is essential to read the reviews from serious gamers, as these guys really put the machine through its paces and if there are any issues, they would be revealed in such a situation. Entry level prices start at around $500-600 and if you can afford it, a $1,500+ gaming laptop would have all the power you need to play hi-res games. If you are worried about buying expensive computer equipment online, here is some consumer protection information, which is a must-read.

Join Online Gaming Forums

If you join a few gaming forums, you will get to find out other gamers’ opinions of various machines, plus they are always happy to give a novice some gaming tips. Whatever the game, there will be a forum dedicated to this platform, and whether you’re into Call of Duty or FIFA Soccer, you can chat with gaming experts to help improve your gaming skills.

We can expect to see more manufacturers launching gaming laptop machines, as we move away from bulky hardware, and that gives you even more choice than you have today.



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