The Practice of Self-Guided Meditation

Each day we spend countless hours scrolling through our phones looking through social media, skimming through news articles, and – rarely – completing work tasks. There are days we have reflected on our screen time and realized how much of it was meaningless scrolling. 

So, how can we use this time productively to improve ourselves? A lot of people have gained many benefits from practicing mindfulness & meditation in the privacy of their own homes.

What Is Guided Meditation?

It is just as it sounds. It is a way of meditating that has been organized in a particular manner to guide us through our journey. 

Guided meditation is practiced in many settings, for example, at the end of a yoga class. The teacher plays peaceful music – usually sounds of water trickling or the light strum of drums. We close our eyes and listen to the gentle voice of the teacher as they guide us through a scenario they ever so delicately plant in our mind’s eye. This example is a form of guided meditation.

We can be guided through beaches, forests, and deserts – all conjured up with our imagination. It all depends on what we are feeling that day and what we need out of the meditation. 

In our opinion, the best meditation is when a release is felt. We have heard many stories from people who have ended a guided meditation session in tears after releasing all their anxieties and stresses. It may sound awful, but it is a fantastic feeling!

However, in saying this, we don’t need to attend a yoga or meditation class to gain these benefits. We can achieve the same results from our own home. How? By using a self-guided meditation app free

Why Do We Use Guided Meditation Apps?

It can be a little daunting at first to practice guided meditation alone. We understand that for some, it is difficult to slow down, relax, and unwind without the right direction.

For so many of us, our mind wanders during meditation. We think about what we achieved for the day and what tasks are left unfinished. Before we know it, we have lost focus; we are no longer meditating but instead creating a to-do list. 

Our anxieties are knotting up tighter rather than unraveling, relieving us from our stress. 

Self-improvement can be achieved by listening to a guided meditation. It can lead to deeper nights of sleep, dealing with panic attacks on the ascent of an aircraft, becoming more present with actions, and being self-aware of behaviors.

What Are the Benefits of Guided Meditation

There are numerous benefits to meditation, typically reducing stress, managing anxiety, and helping with sleep deprivation. In mindfulness research conducted by Harvard, meditation has also proven to be an effective intervention for healing physical conditions such as chronic pain.

Our Final Thoughts

Practicing guided meditation is an incredibly helpful habit to acquire. Better nights sleep, self-aware of actions and their impacts on others, and dealing with anxiety are only some of the many benefits of practicing mindfulness & meditation.

It is simple to download apps, play around with their features, and find the right configuration. It does take practice to find the right style of guided meditation that is suitable but once achieved, it is an incredible feeling.

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