Sexy Magnetic Lashes: Do They Make a Difference?

Magnetic false lashes have been on the market for quite some time now, but do they truly make a difference? These sexy magnetic lashes have been shown to make a difference in many areas of your life. Including your physical appearance, mental health, and even your daily routine. They can positively impact your life in ways you can’t even imagine. Whether you are an avid false eyelashes wearer, or this is your first time, magnetic lashes have great benefits for you to make your makeup look and other aspects of your life improved. Gone are the days of glue lashes and enter natural magnetic eyelashes. 

Fuller and Longer Lashes


Magnetic lashes are guaranteed to make your lashes look longer and fuller. You can even choose different styles of lashes to achieve the look you desire. If you have naturally voluminous lashes but need a little extra length, you can choose a pair that is longer in length. Also, you can choose if you want a more glam or natural look. With whatever you choose there is an option for you. Magnetic lashes offer you a difference you can see in the length and volume of your lashes. They will be sure to highlight some of your greatest features. 

More Confidence

False eyelashes are not just about the looks. With the added volume and length of your lashes, it adds the finishing touch to your look, but it also affects you internally. When you look your best you feel your best, so magnetic lashes can make a huge difference in your confidence. They can make you feel sexier and hold yourself in a different way. You will know that you are expressing your confidence outward so that everyone else will notice. Who knew something so simple could make you feel fabulous inside and out? If you are looking for something simple to boost your confidence, magnetic lashes may be the trick. 

Clean Lines


There can be a huge difference between the appearance of traditional glue-on lashes and magnetic lashes. If you have too much glue on your lash it can result in a clumpy and bumpy application. Your eyes will no longer have those clean lines and properly accentuate your eyes. Not to mention, if you do not apply the glued lash on perfectly it can easily be placed sideways and ruin the aesthetic. Magnetic lashes provide you flawless clean lines every time. The magnetic strips on the lash and under the lash are made to click together seamlessly. This will make sure that they are straight every time and you will not have to worry about any clumps or bumps getting in the way of your perfect lashes.  

Easy Cleanup 


In addition to their performance, magnetic lashes make a big difference in the clean-up and removal process. Without the need for messy glue, you can skip the part where you get glue all over your fingers and eyelid and have lashes sticking everywhere. Glue can get messy and add a lot of frustration to something that should be an enjoyable part of your day. With magnetic lashes, you never have to worry about a mess, because you just have to be able to stick magnets together.

 Also, the lash glue can make the removal process difficult. You will have to pull the lash off the glue and then clean all of the remaining residue. With magnetic lashes you just have to simply detach the magnets and ta-da you are done.

So, not only do sexy magnetic lashes make a difference in your looks, but they can also make a positive influence on your getting-ready routine and your confidence. Magnetic eyelashes can improve your lashes game and make you feel empowered every time you wear them. 


Alex is the co-author of 100 Greatest Plays, 100 Greatest Cricketers, 100 Greatest Films and 100 Greatest Moments. He has written for a wide variety of publications including The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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