The Power Of Sun Protection

Sunscreen is very valuable to people of all ages. The more a person wears sunscreen there is a better chance they have at avoiding certain cancers and illnesses. Diego Ruiz Duran lives in Mexico where it is very sunny. If people are living in such climates then it’s critical that they use sunscreen as a way of protection from the UV rays. The sun is really no joke. It can be extremely harmful in the long run. That is why many dermatologists and doctors don’t recommend using tanning beds. Many people assume that just because it is cloudy out that there is no evidence of possible sun infiltration. In fact, about eight percent of the rays of the sun actually pass through the clouds. So, regardless of the weather in a given area, if it lights out, then wear sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays can increase the number of sunspots a person gets as well. These could eventually be cancerous if people don’t have them looked at right away. There are so many types of sunscreens available. Many are now included in makeup or just easily distracted bottles. Although each brand is slightly different, wearing about 15 SPF is recommended by most doctors and dermatologists. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about seventy-two thousand people were diagnosed with skin melanomas. About ten thousand of them were fatal. That is all the more reason why people should wear sunscreen no matter the season. If you or a loved one have discoloration around the skin or have spots that don’t seem to go away, it might be time to see a specialist. In addition, sun damage can cause more simple in-fractures like wrinkles. This is very disheartening as many people try to keep their youthful glow for as long as possible. 

If one is vacationing, especially in a warmer climate, ensure to pack sunscreen with higher SPF. In addition, bring hates, sunglasses, or protective gear that can help eliminate immediate exposures. Although wearing long sleeves at the beach may seem silly, having a wet suit can completely shield a person from the ultraviolet waves. Think about it in terms of parenting. If you wouldn’t let your child go to the beach without sunscreen, then it’s probably best you don’t either. So much long term damage can easily be avoided by just investing in sunscreen and sun protection products. Skin cancer is not only a difficult battle to fight but very expensive. A few dollars spent on some sunscreen is much worth the medical bills in the long run. The more people that are putting themselves at risk the lesser chance they have at protecting themselves. Diego Ruiz Duran highly recommends wearing sunscreen to all the people he knows. 


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