Talkspace Closes on New Round of Series D Financing

Talkspace is a groundbreaking platform that enables direct interactions between mental health patients and their therapists through digital communication. This gives patients more immediate access to their mental health professionals when they need them most and eliminates the logistical burden of having to travel to see a therapist in person. This is a major breakthrough for many people suffering from debilitating mental illnesses because it means that they have access to the care that they need without putting them in challenging situations that may delay them seeking out care or being medicated for serious issues. 

New investor Revolution Growth just embarked on an impressive round of Series D financing for this cutting-edge mental health platform with an additional $50 million in investment. This will enable the start-up to continue the amazing work that it is doing in the mental health field and spread the word even further about its potential to revolutionize this growing industry. This promising new round of investment signifies the growing confidence in this company to continue bringing quality patient care to those who might not otherwise have access to effective treatment plans. The total private investment in this start-up has now grown to an incredible $110 million. This is particularly encouraging because the company has only been seeking investment since 2012 and has grown at a very rapid pace in a field that is both highly regulated and extremely competitive. 

One of the ways that Talkspace hopes to help customize and personalize the mental health field is by offering specific groups of patients access to particular specialized therapists. For example, teenagers and couples are the subjects of serious research by this company to find the best methods of offering specialized therapists to help them with their issues. Right now, any patient who signs up for this innovative portal will receive instant access to more than 5,000 mental health professionals who may be able to assist them via email, phone, chat and video appointments. This means that where you live no longer determines your access to mental health care. Patients can select a therapist based on their specific qualifications and the patient’s precise mental health needs. 

Another way that this tech company is distinguishing itself from competitors in its field is that it offers valuable benefits packages to its own employees rather than treating them as independent contractors. This is rare in the tech field and signals a commitment to treating employees with dignity and respect. This is only going to have a positive payoff in the long run for this start-up because it will develop an invaluable reputation in the tech industry for recruiting and retaining top talent by compensating them fairly and providing a positive work environment. 

In terms of growth potential, a newly announced partnership with Optum Health is expected to expand the patient base even more. Right now, more than 5 million patients have signed up for Talkspace’s new messaging portal. The ability to send and receive an unlimited number of messages with qualified health care providers from all over the country is appealing to those who have previously encountered difficulties working with insurance plans to access mental health providers who are in their network for treatment. This is being touted as a serious disruption to the current way of doing business for both mental health treatment providers and insurance companies alike. Patients are taking back control over their own mental health treatment and are not having to deal with the stigma of searching for the right fit in terms of finding a mental health care professional that will meet their personal needs. 


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