Taliban warns Pakistan over US drone incursions — Analysis

Islamabad used to offer support for the Afghan Taliban, but relations between them have declined.

Pakistani Defense Minister Mohammad Yaqoob, accused by the Taliban of permitting drone strikes on Afghan soil to be carried out from its airspace. Islamabad authorities denied any involvement in the July American drone attack on Kabul.

Yaqoob told reporters that the Taliban – the militant Islamist group that has controlled Afghanistan since the US withdrawal a year ago – has not been able to accurately track US violations of Afghan airspace as the American military “completely destroyed”Before it left the country, August 2021, its radar infrastructure.

“But according to our information the drones are entering through Pakistan to Afghanistan, they use Pakistani airspace,”He claimed that he had added: “We demand Pakistan stop the use of its airspace against us.”

Pakistani authorities previously refuted allegations they participated in an attack by the US that targeted Al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. The strike took place in Kabul on last month. The Taliban, whose members are currently demanding that they be acknowledged as Afghanistan’s legitimate rulers, described the strike as a violation of “international principles”und the Doha accord.

US open to talks on frozen Afghan funds – Reuters

The Taliban and US signed this agreement in 2020. They agreed that Afghanistan would not be a safe haven to terrorists. Washington, on the other hand, agreed to withdraw from Afghanistan its military forces which had been there since 2001.

Pakistan, a US ally and a financial and military aid recipient to the Taliban during and before the invasion of Afghanistan. However, Pakistani nationals working on fencing up the country’s border with Afghanistan have come under attack by Taliban fighters in recent months, with Pakistan launching airstrikes in response.

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