Liu Qiangdong on Partnering With Shandong Energy Group Company

Liu Qiangdong, the founder of, is pleased to announce his company’s partnership with Shandong Energy Group Company. As one of the biggest energy companies in China, Shandong Energy Group Company is able to work closely with on rural revitalization efforts, produce industry development, and much more. The multi-faceted project will make a significant difference in the lives of many people.

These developments allow for more people in China to receive much-needed help and support from companies that are able to assist them with their needs. Since many rural Chinese people live in poverty they aren’t able to stay as healthy as they could through proper food choices. Giving them access to vital, valuable produce could change the landscape in rural China and address some of the problems that poverty has brought to that area.

The Value of This Partnership

The partnership between and Shandong Energy Group Company was officially announced on December 14th. By working together, Liu Qiangdong’s company and the energy company will focus specifically on the fresh produce industry and rural revitalization efforts, along with industrial products, employee welfare, smart logistics, and other areas where changes and improvements are needed. Many people in rural China need help and support, which this partnership can facilitate.

The signing of the partnership agreement was witnessed by’s president Lei Xu, and the general manager of the energy company, Baocai Zhang. Liu Qiangdong is confident that this agreement between the two companies will make things easier for people throughout China, and help improve the quality of life for those who are located in the more rural areas where they may not have access to many of the things they need or want.

Developing a Workable Model

The model that and Shandong Energy Group Company are building together is called the “enterprise distribution warehouse” model. Part of its development will be the creation of a smart management park where material supplies will be kept. This integrates the use o smart management technology into many areas of the supply and development chains. Management, placing, picking, and storage of many items and parts will all be handled through smart technology.

With the rural revitalization efforts being at the forefront of everything Liu Qiangdong plans to do in this partnership, both companies will be carefully focused on the development of smart villages. They’ll be using AI (artificial intelligence), 5G, and other types of technology to jointly create smart systems. Those systems will be used primarily in agriculture, and also integrated into platforms that can help companies in these rural locations operate more efficiently and effectively for everyone involved.

Helping Others By Giving Back

While fresh produce may seem like a common or simple thing to many people, there are areas in rural China where fresh produce is needed but uncommon. By working on a tracing system for this produce, Liu Qiangdong and others can help standardize and digitize a system that agricultural companies can more easily use. Along with this system, the companies will be creating a high-quality base for digitally tracking fresh produce in a way that helps companies and customers connect with one another.

As the founder of, Liu Qiangdong is dedicated to making sure the company is working toward initiatives that help others. This partnership with the energy company is just one of the ways he focuses on this kind of development, for the good of people in China. started out as a very small company, but under the leadership and encouragement of Liu Qiangdong, it developed into one of the largest companies in the world. Now it’s in a position to give more back to the surrounding communities.

Liu Qiangdong and His Dedication to Rural Communities

The main reason that Liu Qiangdong is so passionate about helping those in rural areas is that he grew up as one of them. He lived in poverty as a child and had very little to eat throughout the year. Getting a variety of fresh produce simply wasn’t possible or affordable, and the meat was only eaten once or twice per year. These experiences shaped Liu Qiangdong’s feelings and beliefs about what it’s like to live in a rural area without access to some of the most important foods for good health and longevity.

Now that he heads he’s able to bring some of the quality of good products to people who are living the way he did as a child. The partnership with Shandong Energy Group Company will allow Liu Qiangdong and to provide help and support to rural people throughout China, so they can have healthier food, more access to what they need, better working conditions, and much more. While the development of these things will take the time they can start to provide changes quickly.

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