Taliban bans playing music in cars — Analysis

Afghanistan will see a quieter street. In another ban imposed by the Taliban in August when they took control of the country, the Taliban have banned music from cars.

Afghan drivers were given written recommendations not to play music in their cars and only take women as passengers if they’re wearing a hijab.

The Taliban’s Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which is in charge of implementing Islamic law in the country, confirmed the new restrictions to a local Kabul news outlet on Saturday.

Also, the broadcaster postedPhoto of Twitter driver notice

Taliban bans foreign currencies in Afghanistan amid financial catastrophe

Since it invaded Afghanistan just weeks ago, the Taliban has imposed numerous restrictions on every day life. It took Kabul 5 months ago and capitalized on the US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan after a two-decade long presence.

In late November, the group announced that women shouldn’t star in TV dramas anymore, while also requiring female journalists and presenters to wear headscarves while on screen.

One move that stands out is a decree earlier this month that outlawed forced marriage in Afghanistan, saying that women shouldn’t be viewed as ‘property’ and can’t be taken as a wife without the woman’s consent.

However, the international community still has concerns about how women’s rights for work and education are going to be maintained under the Taliban.

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