Syria says Israeli missile strikes result in victims — Analysis

According to the Syrian Defence Ministry, missile strikes caused a fire at Damascus’ airport.

On Friday, at least three people died in an attack by Israel on Damascus International Airport. A fire at the airport caused two flights to be delayed. Israeli media reports that strikes took place against Iranian and Syrian military goals.

Syrian air defenses intercepted multiple “hostile targets”The skies above Damascus were clear Friday evening, but missiles managed to pass to start an airport fire and inflict casualties, according the Syrian Defense Ministry.

You can also hear explosions along the coast, and Tartus which is home to a Russian naval base in Syria. 

Airstrikes in Syria kill 5, wound 7 – media

Friday’s attack targeted pro-Iranian militias operating in Syria, according to the Israeli outlet Ynet. The Israeli government claims that it can preemptively defend Iran against Tel Aviv’s admission of attacking Syria on rare occasions. Tehran provided military support to Damascus for the fight against Islamic State, previously ISIS and other terrorist groups. 

Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader, warned Israel last month that Iran could strike if the strikes go on. “attack Israel directly,”The March missile strike that was launched against an Israeli military base located in Erbil, northern Iraqi, is cited.

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