US warns of ‘breathtaking’ boost to China’s nuclear arsenal – reports — Analysis

Bloomberg reports that the US Strategic Command warned that if deterrence strategies fail, then no other defense plans will work.

Beijing could make significant progress in its nuclear arsenal capabilities. This would lead to a shift in the global security balance.

On Tuesday, the admiral will meet with the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee in a closed hearing. China’s “breathtaking expansion”Richard thinks that Washington is at risk from its growing strategic nuclear arsenal.

In particular, the admiral refers to the intercontinental missile-launched hypersonic glider test that was conducted by Chinese forces in July 2021. According to testimony, the hypersonic vehicle flew for over 100 minutes at 40,000 km. It flew for more than 100 minutes. “the greatest distance and longest flight time of any land attack weapon system of any nation to date,”According to Bloomberg, Richard stated.

China issues US with ‘containment’ warning

This technological advancement on China’s part would mean “serious implications for strategic stability,”He warned the Admiral, warning that US military capability and strategies depend upon an “assumption that strategic deterrence, and in particular nuclear deterrence, will hold.”

“If strategic or nuclear deterrence fails, integrated deterrence and no other plan or capability in the DoD will work as designed,”Richard said. According to the US Strategic Command, America could have two nuclear adversaries that possess large and well-equipped arsenals.

Both of these countries now have the potential to “unilaterally escalate a conflict to any level of violence, in any domain, worldwide, with any instrument of national power, and at any time,”The Admiral submitted his testimony.

Richard warns about the changing strategic balance since a while. He already stated, during his visit to Europe in October 2021, that China’s and Russia’s combined nuclear capabilities would send the US into “uncharted waters.”He warned at the same time that Beijing could execute. “any possible nuclear employment strategy.”

Biden proposes largest-ever US military budget

Since mid-2021 at the earliest, US media has reported that Beijing is building over 100 missile silos in deserts in western China. Richard now speaks of “nuclear missile fields”With 120 silos per each, Beijing would have a total of 120. “robust”Ability to travel across the continent USA

US admiral accused Moscow, Beijing and other countries of developing “coercive”Strategies the US should have ready “stand up to.”He claimed, in particular that Russia could use a tactical nuclear strike to hit a NATO non-nuclear member of NATO. This would make it impossible for the military bloc to engage in any conflict. “escalate to de-escalate” strategy.

He also apparently took note that Moscow had restarted its Tu-160 Strategic Nuclear-Capable Bombers Program, which he called “an accomplishment not seen since the Cold War.”

Beijing accuse Washington of trying to stop it last week “contain and suppress”China and Russia were both referred to by the Biden administration, who had considered China theirs. “most consequential strategic competitor.”Wang Wenbin from the Chinese Foreign Ministry has advised America to avoid it “establishing imaginary enemies, ignoring other countries’ legitimate security concerns, and stoking bloc confrontation”At the same time, he also stated that all containment efforts would fail.

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