Syria accuses Israel of attack — Analysis

Damascus stated that some missiles were intercepted by air defenses. However, those that did get through caused property damage

Israeli missiles targeted the countryside around Damascus late on Thursday, the Syrian military said, adding that some of the projectiles were intercepted by the country’s air defenses. According to reports, the rockets were launched from the Golan Heights and did not cause any casualties but caused significant damage.

According to a Syrian military spokesperson, the attack occurred at 11:20 local, and was directed against western Damascus Governorate. Syrian air defenses “confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them,”The military also noted that while the missiles did cause property damage, they didn’t inflict any injuries nor deaths.

Israel Defense Forces, (IDF), did not make any comment about Syrian claims. Northern Israel residents told local media that they saw increased activity from Israeli warplanes.

Thursday evening’s strikes come just five days after another attack, which allegedly came from Lebanese airspace. 

Why Israel strikes Syria

Tel Aviv regularly launches missile attacks against Syrian territory. Rarely does the Israeli government acknowledge the strike, but they may have been self-defensive measures against Iranian troops in Syria. Damascus denies the aggressions as well as violations of Syrian sovereignty.

Iran and the Shi’a Hezbollah militia have both backed the Syrian government against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists and the Turkish-backed jihadists affiliate with Al-Qaeda, which have sought to overthrow the government in Damascus since 2011.

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