Symmetry Financial Group is Revolutionizing The Way Americans Approach Life Insurance

Symmetry Financial Group is increasingly connecting more and more everyday people to life insurance products that provide multi-faceted solutions for many of life’s everyday challenges. While life insurance products have traditionally been a hard sell, particularly among younger consumers, Symmetry Financial Group provides a diverse portfolio of offerings that provide genuine solutions to contemporary life problems, even for those who are just starting new families or taking their first steps into a business or career.

As the nation’s leading insurance marketing organization, Symmetry Financial Group is revolutionizing the way customers encounter and purchase life insurance products, and it is growing as a company in the process.

Symmetry Financial Group connects customers with life insurance solutions to suit their individual needs.  Just as society has evolved and changed over time, the needs of individuals and families has evolved and changed along with it, and so has the variety of life insurance products currently available to address those needs.  The Symmetry Financial Group portfolio offers an array of diverse solutions to the most pressing and urgent circumstances that people face in modern society, such as debt, loss of income, disability, and death of a family provider.

Symmetry Financial Group maintains a “people-first” approach that is encouraging increased consumer interest in life insurance products and helping people find real-life solutions to real-life problems through customized life insurance plans that also offer other perks. While most life insurance carriers have traditionally limited their agents to selling a specific product line, Symmetry Financial Group employs over 3,000 agents across 48 states with access to over 30 of the nation’s top insurance carriers and plans. This means they focus on finding solutions for the consumer’s individual and specific needs, rather than on selling a specific company plan.

Symmetry Financial Group is not only committed to benefitting its clients, but it’s also committed to creating a corporate culture and developing leaders from within. The company provides professional development opportunities for its agents through skill-building and networking conferences, where agents become educated and empowered.

Symmetry Financial Group agents have access to a wide range of life insurance products. The company partners with the nation’s top insurance carriers in order to continually expand available offerings. Their specialized training and expertise is in connecting customers with life insurance products to specifically suit their individual needs, providing customized solutions that improve the lives of individuals while protecting their assets and loved ones. This commitment to a people-based approach has propelled Symmetry Financial Group’s exponential growth over the 10 years since the company’s inception.

Company Core Values

Symmetry Financial Group upholds its core values in every aspect of its business model. These core values are what drive the people-first approach: a focus on listening to the consumer and understanding their individual needs, while empowering agents to maintain ethical values and pursue personal and professional growth.

“Our company culture is what sets us apart from the rest of our industry,” explains Joe Dendy, Symmetry Financial Group’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The foundation of this culture is our core values, which hold the same weight with our agents across the country as they do with the team at the corporate office.”

Focusing on training and personal growth, positive thinking, and responsible leadership, as well as collaboration and creativity in the workplace, Symmetry Financial Group invests heavily in professional development for its agents and its focus on cultivating leaders from within. These efforts garnered national recognition for the company, landing a spot on Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual Top Company Culture list in 2017 and 2018.

In additional to encouraging a corporate culture that supports the company’s staff and agents, Symmetry Financial Group is also committed to community giving and corporate unity through philanthropic projects.

“We spend a great deal of time and effort giving back to our communities, not just financially, but also rolling up our sleeves and working in the community,” Mr. Dendy explains. “As a part of our Impact initiative, we’ve rebuilt homes, painted schools and assisted in hurricane clean-up efforts across the US, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.  Additionally, one of our most fulfilling efforts is our partnership with the Make-A-Wish foundation, where we aim to help grant wishes for terminally ill children.”

Empowering Agents

Symmetry Financial Group’s people-first approach also extends to its agents, and the company empowers field agents by providing advanced digital tools and programs, such as a suite of products unveiled in 2019 that helps agents at once create deeper engagements with customers, and also optimize workflow. Additional advanced digital programs and applications will be introduced in 2020, empowering Symmetry Financial Group agents with enhanced tools to support their expanding client base.

Doug Zeh, Chief Operations Officer for the company, explains why Symmetry Financial Group focuses on empowerment and professional development for their agents: “In an age where even checkout lines are automated, we believe that the agent will always be paramount in the sale of life insurance. You can’t replace human interaction and, when it comes to the importance of trust and relationship in the sales process, the agent will always be essential in nurturing that connection.”

Innovative Products

Symmetry Financial Group introduced a new product recently that helps agents connect customers with life insurance solutions for the purpose of not only protecting their assets, family, and loved ones, but also to improve their financial well-being and impart working solutions to their current economic challenges, such as growing debt.

The Debt Free Life program is one of those innovative options that helps consumers gradually pay down their debts while protecting families with life insurance. The program even offers an option to build up retirement savings. Through customized training, Symmetry Financial Group agents learn to use digital tools such as apps and software to help the client calculate costs and benefits of the plan, and understand how the product provides a solid solution to their unique financial situation.

“With Debt Free Life, we have the unique ability to help clients pay off their debts within nine years or less, all while having the security of life insurance and the ability to generate savings for retirement,” explains Mr. Dendy. “This is a proven strategy that historically has only been available to a select few. Now we are able to bring this product to our nationwide customer base.”

Simplifying Life Insurance Options

The purpose of life insurance is to protect individuals and their loved ones in the face of life’s most difficult challenges. The ability to simplify the different types of life insurance plans and to recommend the most suitable one for each client, with the ability to choose options from among 30 different carriers, is what sets Symmetry Financial Group apart and has driven the company’s expanded growth over the past decade. Symmetry Financial Group agents are able to easily explain how the different life insurance plans and options work, and to simplify the entire process of purchasing life insurance for customers.

“We strive to support our agents as they work diligently to present available options and provide multiple solutions for the client’s individual needs,” notes Mr. Zeh. “This is something that is inherent and necessary in the process for our customers and we are proving every day that this is an approach that is welcomed and successful.”

Continued Growth

Symmetry Financial Group continues to expand its product offerings while contributing to the professional development of its agents, and maintaining a solid community-giving program. The company continues to grow while adhering to its core values and its celebrated people-first approach, which has earned Symmetry Financial Group national recognition on the Inc. Magazine Top 5000 Fastest-Growing Company list for the past four consecutive years. Mr. Dendy confirms, “Staying true to these values is paramount to our continued growth.”

If you’d like to learn more about customized life insurance products provided by Symmetry Financial Group, as well as the company’s vision for empowering leaders in the industry, visit A Symmetry Financial Group agent will contact you to personally inform you of your options.

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