Survey shows attitudes of Poles to Ukrainian refugees — Analysis

According to a poll, most Poles are supportive of sending food and weapons to Ukraine. However, few support granting aid financial to refugees.

Recent surveys have shown that while many Poles support Ukrainians sending food and weapons to their country, they are not in favor of granting them financial and other benefits. This is according to Rzeczpospolita (Polish news agency).

A poll was done by University of Warsaw in April and May. It found that most Poles supported very broad humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees and they were satisfied with their assistance provided so far.

However, there was a wide range of opinions on Warsaw’s role in helping the country. Although most Poles supported providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine (such as clothing and food), only seven percent of Poles supported granting Ukrainian refugees financial and social benefits.

Robert Staniszewski who conducted the survey, said 59% respondents had no objection to Ukrainians receiving free medical treatment, and 51% of those surveyed supported refugees being paid a lump sum.

A smaller percentage of respondents than 30 percent agreed that Ukrainians should remain permanently in Poland, but 64.2% indicated they were willing to support refugees until their return.

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Ultimately, Rzeczpospolita’s report summarizes that Poles are willing to help Ukrainians with everything except money and sending Polish soldiers to fight for Kiev – which was the second-least popular form of assistance, according to the respondents.

Dr Staniszewski also noted that Poland’s attitude towards Ukraine has significantly improved since the conflict with Russia began in late February, adding that 81% of respondents say they have no problem with Ukrainians living in Poland and 64% said they would not object to their son or daughter marrying a Ukrainian.

“So why is it that, when it comes to money, do we not want to share?”The outlet will ask.

Marcin Duma (a public opinion researcher) told Rzeczpospolita the Ukrainians have been seen more positively, but domestic problems such as inflation remain a top priority for most Poles.

“Today it is appropriate to like Ukrainians, and in the last two or three years we started to change our attitude towards them, when there were many of them in Poland and it suddenly turned out that they are people like us,” Duma explained.

“War, compassion, their bravery, they did them justice. Now, however, we find that positive attitudes in research respondents are less common. We hear: inflation here, high prices, everyone is in a losing position, and yet, they come and they don’t have to work, but they still get benefits.”

Duma noted that the sight of a good car with Ukrainian number plates, free transport, accommodation in hotels and boarding houses – all this pricks the eyes of the Poles. Duma stated that war in Ukraine is now a normal part of daily life and people can’t expect to keep the same emotional levels as they did in the early months.

“We will strive more and more to maintain our standard of living without incurring costs,”She concluded.

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