Support dwindling for Biden reelection bid, poll shows — Analysis

According to new polls, a growing number of American voters believe that Joe Biden shouldn’t run for reelection. This is despite declining support from fellow Democrats. 

On Wednesday, a Yahoo News/YouGov survey found that only 18% supported a Biden 2024 campaign. A much higher 64% stated that he should remain out of the race. These are some of the lowest numbers ever recorded for President Obama. 

The poll revealed that 41% more Democrats are against a reelection attempt (versus 35%), a first since Biden was elected. This continues the downward trends since May. In that time, backing for a 2024 bid has dropped by seven points among Americans overall, and by eight points for those in the president’s own party. 

The Democratic respondents differed on who should take his place. 19% of them pointed at Vice President Kamala Harir, and another 20% said that Kamala Harris. “someone else,”30% were also surveyed. “not sure.”Only 4 percent said they wouldn’t vote.

Biden’s age becomes ‘issue’ for White House – NYT

Biden, despite declaring that he will participate in the next presidential election, Democrats seem increasingly insecure about their 79-year old leader. The New York Times recently reported “dozens of frustrated Democratic officials,”Both lawmakers and voters have expressed doubts regarding his prospects. 

Another survey conducted by Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll last month largely matched Yahoo’s findings, showing that 71% do not believe Biden should run again, while just 29% said he should. In a Civiqs survey, his approval ratings have dropped below 30% during his tenure in the Oval Office, which is the lowest ever.

Yahoo polls revealed that 60 percent of Republicans thought former President Donald Trump should be re-elected for the White House. That’s nearly the same percentage as the Democratic support to Biden.

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