New API Data Angel Seeks to Give Meetings Data Wings


One challenge meeting managers often face is ensuring data accuracy within their meetings reports. Data Angel is a new programming interface that aims to assist corporations and travel agencies in improving the accuracy of their meetings reports. 

Data Angel is a software-as-a-service product owned by meetings tech consultancy Meetings Strategy, founded by Kimberly Meyer. Data Angel in real time can identify and correct problems—including misspellings, missing information, budget errors and incorrect contracts—as well as create custom reports, saving hours spent typically using Excel spreadsheets, she said. 

Meyer stated that this is an issue we see in every agency. “A corporation may have service level agreements, key performance indicators or need good data quickly.” “But meeting planners have a ton of work and are busy with a lot of meetings, so it’s hard to remember to fill everything in or to go back if they don’t have the information [from the beginning]. In the past, data quality hasn’t been great.

Meyer said that Data Angel is the only company offering this robotic service in the meeting industry. This API acts as a plug-in to meeting management software. Data Angel currently partners with Cvent.

Cvent provides a set of APIs as well as developer tools and support resources to enable partners to implement, support and build value-add apps and integrations that connect to the Cvent platform. Data Angel is just one of many valued partners that has taken advantage these tools in order to provide mutual customers with value.

Data Angel offers two current services, and has a beta testing for another. The company also offers customized automation services, including for meeting registrations and processes for large companies. 

Cvent can be corrected in real time at any moment. If there’s a typo—say, Censinate instead of Cincinnati—or the math doesn’t add up on attendee numbers, the user will get a pop-up screen from Data Angel when they try to save a record in Cvent, alerting them to the error. The user can either click on the red box to correct it or choose to “remind you later”. Two reminders will be sent if the user chooses to delay. Meyer explained that they will have to resolve the issue after receiving the third reminder. 

A third service provides custom, real-time reporting. Meyer gave an example where Meyer explained how a client requested a custom budget report. It would take approximately 1.5 hours to create in Excel with no macro. A macro could make it take only seven minutes. Meyer stated that Data Angel can run the exact same report within four to five seconds. She said that one pharmaceutical client saved more than $200,000 annually by reducing the time required to complete reports. 

Meyer indicated that meetings validation was the third service Meyer mentioned in September. Meyer claimed that Meyer had been in contact with two companies to try it. Meyer stated that outside auditors or consultants who are assessing corporate clients’ meetings must now check Cvent to see where the meeting materials are and then click on budget line items for each document. Data Angel instead can consolidate all relevant information for a meeting, from all associated documents to the request form, onto one page. 

Meyer stated that Cvent makes it much easier to view documents in one place, rather than going through them individually. Meyer also said that Cvent can route messages to planners to let them know to upload their documents. Instead of having to download each document individually, an auditor can see them all in the Data Angel window. The auditor can scroll through each one and check if they match the budget. 

Meyer explained that it cuts back on the time and effort required to do what was once a tedious task.

Meyer stated that this product reminds planners via popups what tasks and meetings they have to complete so they are able to prioritize and do not ignore or forget about old tasks. Meyer stated that while the program uses 30 basic logic rules, customers can modify it to their liking and request additional features. The software allows users to create notes to notify colleagues about any issues, and to track details for future meetings.

Prices vary depending on the services selected and the number of users Data Angel supports. Meyer said that the implementation takes approximately two weeks. 

Meyer stated that many corporations lack IT personnel dedicated to meetings technology. She explained that she is trying to assist them with this robotic API work by being steep and efficient. “We are really trying to make it plug-and play.”



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