Email & SMS: Digital Marketing Dark Horses That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to improve your online exposure and while there are some new and innovative digital marketing strategies, we should not overlook the more traditional avenues of communication, such as email and SMS. When planning any digital marketing campaign, it is crucial that you understand consumer behaviour and the best way to do this is to forge an alliance with a digital marketing agency.

The Power of Email

Your growing list of customer email addresses provides a perfect platform to deliver rich content to your customers’ inboxes. Research tells us that people are more likely to open an email from a company they know and when you enlist the help of a leading email marketing team, you get the best results. Seasonal discounts, special offers and customer reward programs can be carefully created and with a single click, you can reach all of your customers.

Strategies to Ensure Inbox Delivery

There can be many obstacles with an email marketing campaign and if you are not careful, your mails will be put into the dreaded spam folder. The agency knows how to overcome all screening and deliver your emails where you want them to be, in the customer’s inbox. The provider is very flexible and you only pay for the emails that are sent and with features like automatic response and the ability for attachments, you have the perfect platform on which to base your email campaign.

Unlimited Recipient List

When you join forces with a professional email marketing team, you can include as many email addresses as you wish, or you could create two lists; existing customers and potential customers. There are some inventive ways to acquire email addresses and you can create a wide range of content to send by email, introducing your company to new users and special offers to existing customers and notifying them of new products just in.


Using a tried and tested SMS broadcast service from a leading Australian provider guarantees a successful campaign, which you can use on a regular basis. This is a great way to notify customers and when managed correctly, an SMS campaign can be a very effective marketing tool that will pay dividends time after time. An online search will put you in touch with the right provider who can show you how they can help your business.

Bulk SMS Delivery

As you can include links in a text message, you can encourage users to visit your landing page or social media page, whichever you choose and with professional help with number acquisition, this can be a very productive way to say hello to new users. Here are a few great examples of successful startups. With a managed subscriber list and programmed sending times, you can create and manage a cost-effective text messaging campaign that reaches a huge number of users. This should be an ongoing service and if managed properly, it will give you a constant stream of interested people who can be converted into customers.

Click here for Australian government advice about online marketing, which you are advised to check out.



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