‘Succession’ star Brian Cox speaks to RT on his ‘evil twin’ character’s human side & opposition to ‘liberal fascism’ — RT World News

Logan Roy, a ruthless and foul-mouthed media mogul, in the television hit ‘Succession,’ is, in a manner, a sympathetic character. This was confirmed by Brian Cox (scisco theater actor, movie star), who has become an international celebrity because of the role.

His sole purpose is to locate a successor to his business. It may be a horrible firm, but that’s all he is trying to do… and his kids are being persistently disappointing,”In an interview with The Alex Salmond Show, Cox spoke of Roy.

Cox stated that Roy’s children become more and more pathetic over each season of the series, as though they have the right to inherit his media empire. The actor said that this is a humorous commentary on people’s belief in their entitlement to certain things.

Everybody believes they have rights now. Then you say “no, you don’t”He stated. “And we got the ‘woken’ and cancel’ cultures, which has become a type of liberal fascism.

Cox recounted a number of anecdotes about the production and wider acting career. He mentioned the half-way point in season 1, when Roy was told that he wasn’t born in Quebec. Surprised, Cox’s hometown was changed by the actor: Dundee (Scotland). “That was the worst surprise!”Cox stated.

Salmond was also with him and discussed politics, including how Cox (a Labour voter for many years) became unhappy about the party’s direction and Cox’s disillusionmentment. “The Middle East had a very balanced and fineness”Before the invasion of Iraq in 2003. We’ve created such chaos. That and Tony’s arrogance made me so angry.Cox would become vocal supporter of Scottish independence.

The entire episode can be viewed here.

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